About Us:

Solutions Health and Wellness is a Behavioral and Psychiatric practice of licensed, trained, accredited and experienced Nurse Practitioners who are highly respected in their field.

Our providers lengthy work experiences have fostered their passion for helping those most in need. Their extensive personal, educational and research experience has led them to elevated competency in assisting their patients to meet health and wellbeing.

Your provider will assist you with goal setting, individualized treatment plans, medication management and therapy; all designed to help you navigate health and wellness.

The ancillary staff at Solutions Health & Wellness have extensive experience in the healthcare field, offering complete and total healthcare, to include physical, mental, and behavioral treatment. Our confident and friendly staff will assist you from day one as you begin your journey toward health and wellness.

From the moment you walk through the door, it will be our primary focus to provide behavioral and psychiatric treatment that will help improve life and desired outcomes through long term service and support from our experienced, knowledgeable, caring and compassionate staff.

You will be treated with respect and dignity as you begin YOUR journey toward better living.

Thank you for choosing Solutions Health and Wellness…we’re so glad you’re here!